How to Perform the BVA-100 Test

Blood Sampling

After venous access is obtained and a baseline blood sample is drawn, Volumex® tracer is injected intravascularly. Following a recommended twelve minutes interval to allow the tracer to fully circulate, a series of blood sample are drawn at recommended six minute intervals. It is also recommended that microhematocrit measurements be performed for each sample.

Three Easy Steps

1. Centrifuge blood samples to separate red cells from plasma
2. Pipette 1 cc aliquots of plasma into counting tubes
3. Load standards and counting tubes into the BVA-100 carousel

A report detailing measured, patient ideal, and deviation of measured from patient ideal total blood volume, plasma volume, and red blood cell volume along with the rate of albumin transudation is generated.

Preliminary data available within 30 minutes to help guide
decisions in emergency situations.