DAXOR is the first company to manufacture a machine (BVA-100) that precisely measures how much blood volume a patient has in their body. This is a truly revolutionary piece of machinery that is able to accurately help physicians diagnose their patients correctly and provide the best medical care for them based on those findings.

The Company

Our mission is to help hospitals and physicians be able to use DAXOR’s advanced technology equipment to significantly improve the quality of care with their patients.

We are a unique biotechnology company that provides original medical equipment for medical personnel. We manufacture the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer, the first machine approved by the FDA that provides rapid direct measurement of a patient’s blood volume. We believe that the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer has the potential to transform therapy in a broad range of surgical and medical conditions. It is our goal, working together with hospitals and clinics, to achieve that possibility.

DAXOR Corporation is a publicly traded company registered on NYSE MKT (DXR).



DAXOR Corporation strives to achieve a balance between technology and caring. If you are interested in learning about our exciting career opportunities, please review our job openings.

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