What is the BVA-100?

The BVA-100 (Blood Volume Analyzer) is the first instrument of its kind that can precisely measure the amount of blood a patient has in their body.

Blood volume measurements have been available for almost 60 years, but the test often took 4 to 8 hours to perform and was very difficult to perform accurately. Due to these issues, blood volume measurements were very rarely done. Physicians had been forced to rely on substitute tests that were only able to measure the thickness of the blood and can be very misleading in many surgical and medical situations.

The BVA-100 can measure blood volume: accurately, quickly & reliably.


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heartIn under 60 minutes, the BVA-100 can accurately measure blood volume. In an emergency, doctors can get initial results within 30 minutes. In addition to accurately measuring a patient’s blood volume, the BVA-100 can also determine each individual patient’s normal blood volume and compares the measured volume to what is normal for that patient.

For the first time, physicians can have access to incredible technology that enables them to receive precise blood volume measurements very quickly in clinical situations where traditional measures such as hemacrotit and hemoglobin are not reliable. Peer reviewed studies have shown to be the most reliable and accurate measure of a patient’s true blood volume available in a clinical setting.


The BVA-100 will help with more accurate diagnoses, more insight to patients, better health, and lower costs over the lifetime of the patient.

Blood volume measurements can be very involved in diagnosing and determining what the best treatment option would be for a number of acute and chronic medical conditions.

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How the BVA-100 Compares to the Discontinued Chromium Test:

  • Results are obtained in under 1 hour compared to the 8 hours or more with the Chromium test
  • Results are more accurate
  • More information is available – the test also gives data on the total blood volume and plasma volume that is in the patients body
  • Proven in Clinical studies to be a much better quality test than the discontinued Chromium test


„There are many medical conditions and medications which can alter your blood volume that the BVA-100 can help a physician diagnose. Being able to diagnose any blood volume irregularities that may not be visible from a physical exam or other lab tests, will help to identify the best possible treatment for these following conditions:

  • „ Congestive Heart Failure
  • „ Hypertension
  • „ Anemia
  • „ Syncope/Orthostatic Hypotension
  • „ Dialysis
  • „ Chronic Fatigue
  • „ Pre/Post Surgical Testing
  • „ Septic Shock
  •  Red Cell Mass Test

How Does the Blood Volume Analyzer Work?

The BVA-100 utilizes the “tracer dilution technique” and a specialized instrument (BVA-100®) to precisely measure blood volume. Volumex®, which is a low-level iodine 131 tracer, is injected into a patient.„ After the tracer mixes in the blood, small blood samples are taken at specific time intervals.„ The blood samples are then analyzed to determine how much and at what rate the tracer has been diluted within the blood volume.„ The amount and rate of dilution results in the patient’s measured blood volume.

Why is Blood Volume So Important?

Blood is primarily made up of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and Plasma. The Red Blood Cells float in the Plasma as Plasma is made up of 90% water.„ Blood provides oxygen (RBCs) and helps to control blood pressure (along with the heart and blood vessels) and transports life sustaining nutrients and hormones as well as carries waste to excretory glands.

How Are BVA Results Reported?

A BVA result reports the total amount of blood volume, red blood cell volume and plasma volume in milliliters.„ The measured results are compared to a calculated “ideal” blood volume, based on the patient’s height, weight, gender and change from their ideal weight.

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