Blood Volume Significance

Blood Volume Significance

The amount of blood (blood volume) or lack thereof circulating through the body can be an indication of serious disease. Understanding how much blood is circulating through a person’s body plays a beneficial part in being able to diagnose a patient correctly and providing the correct treatment for any conditions that have been identified.

Blood volume is calculated by the hematocrit (the portion of blood that is red blood cells) and by plasma volume. The BVA-100 provides a fast and accurate measure of this value in a clinical setting allowing physicians to alter therapy as needed.

The average adult has a blood volume of approximately 5 liters. Females usually have slightly less blood volume than males. This blood volume is regulated by the kidneys. The BVA-100 is able to measure the volume of blood running through the human body. It provides a precise measurement of red blood cells and plasma.


What is a normal blood volume?
Daxor’s Ideal Volume Calculator shows how much blood an individual should have, based on gender, height and weight.

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