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11/17/2014 - Daxor Corporation Announces Payment of a Dividend


11/3/2014 - Daxor Announces Publication of a Study Comparing Two Widely Used Surrogate Tests for Estimating Blood Volume with Direct Measurement of Blood Volume


10/21/2014 - Daxor Corporation Announces Research Agreement with Virginia Commonwealth University on Burn Patients



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Corporate Headquarters DAXOR Corporation
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Ave., Suite 7120
New York, NY 10118
Phone: 212-330-8500
Fax: 212-244-0806
E-mail: info@daxor.com
Customer Support Office: 888-774-3268
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F
Technical Support Office: 865-425-0555
E-mail: support@daxor.com
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David Frankel
Office: 212-330-8504
E-mail: dfrankel@daxor.com

Human Resources

Richard Dunn
Office: 212-330-8502
E-mail: rdunn@daxor.com

Investor Relations

Diane Meegan
Office: 212-330-8512
E-mail: dmeegan@daxor.com

Quality Assurance

Office: 865-425-0555
E-mail: support@daxor.com

Clinical  Support

Dr. Joseph Feldschuh, M.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Office: 212-330-8500
E-mail: jfeldschuh@daxor.com


To request information or to have someone get in touch with you, please contact Richard Dunn.
Office: 212-330-8502
E-mail: rdunn@daxor.com
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350 Fifth Ave.
Suite 7120
New York, NY 10118
Phone: 212-330-8500
Fax: 212-244-0806

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