Lutheran Medical Center Reports Lower Death Rate Utilizing BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer For Treating Septic Shock

New York, NY May 8, 2000 - The Lutheran Medical Center in New York (Level 1 Trauma Center) presented a study on septic shock patients who were treated utilizing blood volume measurement data from the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer. The study was reported internationally at the 13th Annual Trauma Anesthesiology and Critical Care Symposia in Mainz, Germany. Septic shock is a condition associated with a 40-70% mortality. The Lutheran group, headed by Dr. Ramanathan Raju and other physicians, reported that low blood volume is a common complication in septic shock. The study involved 40 patients. 15 out of the 40, who were treated, had their blood volumes restored to normal or slightly above normal. In this group, there were no deaths. In the group of 25 patients whose blood volume was restored to less than normal, there was a 16% death rate. The researchers concluded that aggressive early resuscitation of blood volume is very important. The overall death rate in these 40 patients with septic shock was significantly lower than current statistics on septic shock. This has been the first study reported on septic shock utilizing the BVA-100. Additional studies are ongoing and will be reported at a future time.

The Daxor Corporation has placed its first BVA-100 in the State of Florida at the New Hope Cancer Center in Hudson, FL. This facility specializes in the treatment of Cancer and Hematology patients. Cancer patients commonly experience a decrease in blood cell production causing anemia and significant symptoms of fatigue and weakness. Epogen and Procrit (manufactured by Amgen) can be used for the treatment of such blood depletion. Standard tests used for the detection of low blood volume are often inaccurate because they do not actually measure the volume of blood within a patient. The BVA-100 will enable detection of patients who have low blood volume. It has been previously shown in kidney patients that correction of severe anemia and low blood volume markedly improves the quality of life in such patients. Use of blood volume measurements can enable more precise therapy for cancer patients and potentially improve symptoms of fatigue and weakness commonly found in these patients. Blood volume measurements can provide improved diagnoses and therapy options in a broad range of medical and surgical conditions associated with blood volume derangements.

The Company is in the process of developing a distribution network in Florida.

Daxor Corporation manufactures and markets the BVA-100, a semi-automated Blood Volume Analyzer. The BVA-100 is used in conjunction with a single use diagnostic kit, and measures blood volume to within a 98% accuracy. For more information regarding Daxor Corporation's Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100, visit Daxor's website

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