Daxor Announces San Jacinto Methodist Hospital of Baytown, TX Acquires Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100

New York, NY August 7, 2006 - Daxor Corporation (AMEX:DXR), a medical instrumentation and biotechnology company, today announced the receipt of a signed trial agreement from San Jacinto Methodist Hospital of Baytown, Texas.

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is a 331-bed not-for-profit church-affiliated hospital, servicing the citizens of East Harris, Liberty and Chambers counties since 1948. As one of the few private, non-profit hospitals in the Greater Houston area, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital offers patients a healing mix of high technology, medical innovations, and human caring.

The Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100 service will be provided by San Jacinto Methodist Hospital's nuclear medicine department. Dr. Amitabha Banerjee, a radiologist at San Jacinto Methodist, remarked that, “We are pleased to announce that we will have blood volume analysis available for use by the medical and patient community in Baytown , TX .”

Blood volume derangements are often common in patients with heart failure, hypertension, syncope, anemia, kidney disease, and who are being treated in the intensive critical care unit. A Blood Volume Analysis by Daxor’s BVA-100 is a simple test which provides an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s volume status and the extent of a patient’s volume derangement. Correctly diagnosing and then treating a patient’s volume derangement is an important, and sometimes critical, element in many clinical conditions. Daxor’s BVA-100 is the only FDA device which provides an accurate blood volume analysis.

Daxor Corporation manufactures and markets the BVA-100, a semi-automated Blood Volume Analyzer. The BVA-100 is used in conjunction with a single use diagnostic kit, and measures blood volume to within a 98% accuracy. For more information regarding Daxor Corporation's Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100, visit Daxor's website www.Daxor.com.


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