The BVA-100 (Blood Volume Analyzer) is a revolutionary instrument, developed by DAXOR Corporation and approved by the FDA, to precisely measure blood volume in the human body.

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Key Features

  • Superior  blood volume measurement
  • Results in under 1 hour
  • Clinically proven — significant survival benefits

Latest News

Daxor Receives Notification of Patent Approval and Issues an Update on its Stock Buyback Program

Daxor Corporation (NYSE MKT: DXR), a medical instrumentation and biotechnology company, announced the approval of a patent and an update on its stock buyback program. Daxor has received notification from the U.S. Patent Office that its patents for the total body albumin analyzer and its supplementary patent on its Blood Volume Analyzer filed on October […]

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Daxor Corporation Announces Placement of Two BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzers

One of the instruments was placed at the Sovereign Heart and Lung Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey. The Medical Director of the Center is John Strobeck, MD, PhD. Dr. Strobeck has held many prestigious positions during his career. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Chapter of the American […]

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“BVA allows physicians to determine an accurate status on heart failure patients.”

Shamsuddin Khwaja
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital

“We are excited to have acquired the blood volume analyzer. We see this as a valuable tool for guiding therapy for our heart failure patients.”

Dr. Gamal Sidarous, Nuclear Medicine Physician at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center 

“I view this as an opportunity to improve patient outcomes for those associated with poor prognosis.  I believe that this advanced testing method will become an essential service in treating heart failure and other life threatening conditions.”

Max Akin, president of North Alabama RadioPharmacy